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A Different Classroom Analogy

I have seen on my Facebook feed an analogy in which a professor  “destroys” an argument by challenging his students to “give their As” to a student who spends all his/her time in drunken revelry, rather than working towards a … Continue reading

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Tilting at windmills

I’ve started graduate work in Special Education with hopes of helping those most in need. Instead I find myself discouraged more and more by the system as it exists. This is my final reflection for week four of the online … Continue reading

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Homework and Time Managemet

It has been asserted that doing homework helps students develop effective time management skills. I don’t know if this is true or not. There has been no research to determine a correlation, much less causation, so we are left to … Continue reading

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What is “Real Education?”

“It (education) would change before lunch if parents at home cared about real education.” I saw this posted by a former colleague on a friend’s page in response to an article on the importance of love in education. It struck … Continue reading

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