This morning

This morning, I saw
Driving home this morning from coffee with Mom, I saw….
I saw the young man in dreads with baggy pants and a truckers cap on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse
A business man in a suit and tie walking briskly through the sprinkles,
A young woman in a blue sundress, a tattoo on her leg looking like a birthmark from afar, strapping her children into the back of her mini-van,
A vegetable garden in an abandoned median,
Another woman, older, stopping to look at the vegetables in a garden in front of a rundown house,
A mother and her children waiting for a bus in the shelter,
A cow licking her calf,
The dark gray clouds of a departing storm,
Deep green fields of corn and beans,
A rabbit darting into the grass,
Chickens scratching,
This morning, I saw.


About bjbundy2014

"And for all I know he is sitting there still, under his favorite cork tree, smelling the flowers just quietly. He is very happy." -Munro Leaf in Ferdinand the Bull
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