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And Jesus said unto them…

A headline on a national news network’s web page quoted a woman from Murietta, California, who was protesting the arrival of dozens of women and children who sought to enter the U.S. illegally. She said “I just wish America would … Continue reading

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What is “Real Education?”

“It (education) would change before lunch if parents at home cared about real education.” I saw this posted by a former colleague on a friend’s page in response to an article on the importance of love in education. It struck … Continue reading

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This morning

This morning, I saw Driving home this morning from coffee with Mom, I saw…. I saw the young man in dreads with baggy pants and a truckers cap on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse A business man in … Continue reading

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Why do we demand that others “earn” their citizenship when all most of us did was be born here? We enjoy the rights endowed on us by our Creator and enshrined in the Constitution through no effort of our own. … Continue reading

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